Reason 11.3

Record sound and create music using built-in Synths, Beats and Loops

Create music using Synths, Beats, Loops and record other sounds as well. Contains a sound bank filled with sampled instruments.

Reason is a powerful application that acts like a virtual music recording studio, offering music composers and producers all the equipment they need to create new pieces of music.
Although for non-initiated users the functions of the application may seem overwhelming, it offers everything that professional music producers might need to shape their ideas into real music.

The interface is designed in such a manner that it allows users to visualize the mixers, racks, sequencers, compressors and vocoders offered by the tool. They contain controls that can be manipulated as if they were real hardware devices.

Offering a large number of sample instruments and effects, users can create and record audio tracks by playing the instrument devices, such as the piano keyboard which can be brought on the screen, by adding single male/female voices or choirs, and by mixing all the sounds and effects together in the rack section. The different sounds and effects that users choose to insert in a track can be adjusted individually in the main mixer, which provides separate channel strips for each of them. After all the adjustments have been made and as soon as users feel comfortable with the final product, they can play and record the audio in the sequencer.

To sum up, Reason is a powerful application dedicated to professional music producers, allowing them edit and record the audio tracks composed with the help of this tool. The interface is handy and intuitive, allowing users to easily familiarize with the functions of the tool.

Sean O'Reilly
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  • All the components are available from the main screen
  • Provides a large number of instrument samples and sound effects
  • Each sound can be manipulated and adjusted separately in the mixer


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